Family KITAS Offshore


The KITAS is valid for 5 years

Families with this KITAS are not allowed to work in Indonesia

Family KITAS follows the sponsor’s KITAS (Working or Investor KITAS )

Your children can participate in educational facilities like schools, and courses.

The maximum age for the children registered on the KITAS is 17 years old



  • The deed of the company / Akta
  • SK Menkeh
  • NIB
  • Letterhead
  • Stamp of the company (Physical stamp)
  • Balinese ID card/ local KTP
  • KTP/Passport Commissioner
  • KTP/Passport Director
  • SKTU
  • NPWP of company
  • Username and password for visa online if they have it
  • If they don’t have, add Bank Statement of the company (min 10.000 USD)
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