Visa On Arrival (VOA)


The Visa On Arrival is a Tourist visa which allows you to travel to Indonesia for tourism.

You can apply for this visa directly upon arriving at the airport in Indonesia. This visa is valid for 30 days. If you wish to stay more than 30 days, you can extend this visa for an additional 30 days. Your VOA will therefore be valid for a total of 60 days.

It is a single entry visa, if you leave the territory the visa is canceled.

There are no VOA limiting numbers. After 60 days you must leave the territory and reapply for a VOA at the airport.

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  • Passport Copy (6 mois)
  • Exit ticket from the territory
  • Address in Indonesia
  • Telephone number and email address
  • End date of your visa
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Here you can find the process to extend your VOA

  • To extend the tourist visa (VOA), you must deposit your passport in one of our agencies (Canggu, Perenan, Finns Recreation). We also need a plane ticket out of the country. The plane ticket must be before your visa end date. Total duration of the VOA with an extension: 60 days. It is good to do your extension two weeks after your arrival in Indonesia.
  • After submitting your passport to the agency, an appointment at Jimbaran immigration will be scheduled approximately 1 week later. We will keep you informed of the appointment at immigration one day in advance. We will send you all the necessary information for this appointment, the aim being to take a photo as well as your fingerprints.
  • Following the appointment at immigration, your passport will return to our agency approximately 5 days later, We will send you a message to come and collect it.

The price of the extension is IDR 850,000 per person.
The price may change if you require an express service.

What is important to know

  • Your plane ticket must not be later than the validity date of your visa. To calculate the end date of your visa simply take your date of entry into the country and calculate 60 days later. You will therefore have your exit date and you will be able to take your plane ticket out of the territory in complete safety.
  • It is possible to make only one extension of your VOA.
  • The VOA is a tourist visa you cannot work and collect money in Indonesia.
  • If you overstay your visa, the penalty per day per person is IDR 1,000,000. You must pay this amount at the airport when leaving the territory.
  • If you wish to stay more than 60 days in the territory you can apply for 211 A. This is a Tourist visa which allows you to stay 180 days in Indonesia.

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