Business Consulting

Setting up a Company, Business Process Outsourcing, Living & Visiting – Expanding your business, or relocating your life, or even visiting Bali isn’t simple when you handle all the logistics yourself. We provide a variety of business solutions that can amplify your business!

We have a multi-lingual team that finds the best solutions for your business in Bali.

There are several ways to set up your business in the Indonesian market, but finding the setup that suits your business best is quite challenging. Legal Legends Indonesia offers a variety of tailored solutions to ease the company registration process and help you create a viable roadmap for your business.

Why Choose Us As Your Business Consultant

We have been in the industry for over 10 years, helping businesses of all sizes, all over the world expand into the Indonesian market and we have a multi-lingual team who speak English, French, Russian and Indonesian.

We have direct contact with the Indonesian immigration and government ties, this gives your business priority and speedy processing times.

Covering all areas of business in Bali, including visa services, you don’t have to go anywhere else when it comes to setting up and operating your business in Bali.

Frequently asked questions

What do and don’t do in Business in Indonesia?

Indonesia and even Bali can be confusing for people who have just arrived. Our team will guide you on the habits and customs, and the best way to do business in Indonesia.

I have troubles with my shareholders or business partners, what can I do?

The life of a business is often punctuated by ups and downs. There are several legal ways to clarify everyone’s positions and to protect themselves. Make an appointment with our team to make sure to take the right decisions.

How can I know if my PMA is all in order?

Our team is here to check all the paperwork from your PMA. Based on your activity, we will review that everything is in order to run your business properly.
Moreover, the law changes often in Indonesia and your company documentation needs to be updated often.